La Uno Les Femme (D&G The One Ladies Inspired) EDP 100ml


The composition spreads with oily accords of vanilla, sweet peach juice and the tropical fondant aroma of lychee pulp. The exquisite scent of white lily, flavored with the softness of jasmine and the freshness of lily of the valley. Delicate plum envelops with its tenderness and velvety undertones.

The character of the fragrance is distinguished by viscous sweet overtones, with a powdery-lipstick accent. The fragrance Fragrance World La UNO Les Femmes sparkles with sunshine and gold, which symbolizes a ringing with honey obelisks, a joyful aroma.  The low alcohol content in the composition of eau de parfum allows the composition to sparkle throughout the day, leaving behind a heartfelt trail.

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