Midnight Oud (Blue) – Amouage Interlude Inspired 100ml EDP



A highly sought after scent DNA within the fragrance community, as this fragrance is inspired by a luxurious fragrance called Amouage Interlude Man.

A wonderfully rich and complex scent, which inspires with its spicy, smoky, dark aura with a touch of sweetness on the dry down, which is very suitable for the evening or festive occasions or in cold weather.

Main accords: balsamic, fresh spicy, warm spicy, smoky, amber

Top Notes: Bergamot, oregano and pepper form a fresh, spicy opening in the top note.

Middles Notes: Incense, amber, labdanum and opoponax

Base Notes: Leather, patchouli, Oudh and sandalwood is warm and full.

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